Rebecca Evans


Being a journalist or communications professional within the built environment is a great privilege.

We get to visit, research, write about and understand some of the greatest projects, architecture, buildings, homes and infrastructure.

These can be awesome, inspiring, beautiful, innovative, sustainable, cleverly financed or all of the above.

But all built environment projects have one thing in common: they are all about people. Every project is conceived of by someone, designed by someone, built by someone, financed by someone, used or lived in by someone.

Of course, journalism and communications are all about people too.

The IBP is a unique forum that brings these two elements together. Being a member is the best way to build relationships with everyone that matters within the industry you work and the sector about which you write – whatever stage you are in your career.

The benefits are felt in all directions – those new to the sector have unrivalled access to colleagues who can help them develop their careers, while existing members love the fresh ideas that new joiners bring to the organisation, and to journalism and PR as a whole.

The programme of IBP member events is designed with these mutual benefits in mind – they are fantastic networking opportunities.

The two annual IBP awards – one for journalism and one for communications and PR – are unique in providing opportunities for you to showcase your best work to judges who really understand the sector you are working in. Award winners feel tangible career benefits too.

Having worked in and around built environment journalism for the majority of my career, I am honoured to become president of the IBP and would like to thank all members and the board who have made me feel so welcome in my new role.

In return, I extend the warmth and the welcome to all current and potential members of the IBP. I look forward to seeing you all at our events, chatting on Twitter and sharing ideas about how, together, we can take our industry forward.

Rebecca Evans