Executive Board Report 2017 / 2018

The past year has thrust construction and housing into the public consciousness like never before, following the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower. From design, engineering, build quality, and health and safety, to building control, resident engagement and housing management, the disaster has touched all parts of the built environment sector.Specialist journalism has played a pivotal role in investigating the tragedy, exploring the implications for readers and in scrutinising and holding those involved to account.

Meanwhile, the #MeToo movement and the FT’s President’s Club investigation have given cause to examine the sectors we write about and the media industry itself. Publications and communication professionals have been looking in the mirror and considering what action they can take to stamp out sexism and promote inclusivity.

Against this backdrop of challenge, change and readjustment, IBP has continued to bring people across the built environment together, to support networks, support careers and promote debate about the future.

The IBP Communication and PR Awards continued to flourish, highlighting outstanding campaigns, teams and individuals. Over eighty editors, journalists, communication professionals and guests gathered to celebrate the winners and listen to Young Journalist of the Year Katherine Smale, as she developed her opening remarks on “Engineering a career change” – from trainee engineer to award winning young journalist on New Civil Engineer. Young Communicator of the Year (2017) Declan Bennet with the London Communications Agency particularly wowed the judges, as did Goodfellow Communications, who took the Best PR Consultancy Team awards after demonstrating remarkable growth.

The IBP Journalism Awards opened with a sobering, moment-in-time speech from Telegraph Group executive director and Conservative Peer Lord Black. The former Press Complaints Commission director spoke from the heart about the importance of press freedom and the threats, costs and opportunities ahead. The awards were once again judged by 28 respected expert judges, and highlighted the quality and value of committed, long-term investigative journalism, that is well represented in the built environment B2B titles and ‘embraced’ by the National media.

Looking forward, the Futures Group is planning to approach all members with a two-minute survey of what topics they want to see covered by future sessions. Still very much on the agenda is a searching session looking at the #MeToo movement, asking how trade publications can balance scrutiny with supporting their readers and the role of communicators in championing positive change. Past sessions have featured leading speakers from the FT, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal and others for the benefit of members.

IBP remains committed to bringing people together to share ideas and create outstanding content. The board is exploring the exciting possibilities for the future, including reaching out to built environment specialist writers in the national and regional media through our association with News Media UK and the Society of Editors, and continuing to evolve our events.

We always want to hear from members about what they find valuable and what they would like IBP to provide, so please keep an eye out for the Futures Group survey, due shortly.

I thank warmly all board members for giving their valuable time to attend meetings and discuss the IBP’s present activities and future direction.

I also thank members for entering the IBP Journalism Awards and the Communication and PR Awards and our sponsors and partners. I look forward to seeing you at our next events.

Emma Maier
Editor-in-chief, Inside Housing




Claer Barratt, Personal Finance Editor, Financial Times

Adrian Barrick, Editorial Consultant, former editor Building

Giles Barrie, MD, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting, former editor Property Week

Peter Bill, Freelance Journalist, former editor Building and Estates Gazette

Mark Collins, Executive Director, CBRE

Tim Danton, Director, Danton Media, Consultant to Dennis Publishing

Peter Day, Correspondent, BBC ‘In Business’ programme

George Demetri, Technical Writer WSP, former editor World Tunnelling

Soraya Khan, Partner, Theis and Khan Architects

Mike Leonard, CEO, Building Alliance

Dominic Morgan, Director, Ing media, former deputy editor Property Week

Fiona Neil, Associate, Piercy Company, Architects

Richard Northedge, City & Business Journalist, former editor, Sunday Business

Alasdair Reisner, CEO, CECA, former journalist on Construction News

Peter Roper, Freelance Journalist, former editor New Builder

Dickon Ross, Editor-in-Chief, Engineering & Technology

Barbara Rowlands, Associate Professor of Journalism, City University

David Saffin, CEO, Second Opinion Experts Alliance

John Slaughter, Director, External Affairs, Home Buyers Federation

Ruth Slavid, Architecture Editor and Journalist, former editor AJ Online

Caroline Thorpe, Freelance Journalist (business, politics and social affairs) contributes to:

The Economist, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph

Jenny Watt, Marketing Manager, The Built Environment Trust

James Whitmore, Tavistock, former City Editor Property Week

John Yadoo, Partner, Pryme Consulting


This list is comprehensive and correct at the time of posting


June 2018

Communications and PR Awards: shortlist announced…

The following, listed alphabetically,  have been shortlisted in the 2018 Communication and PR Awards:


Jennifer Ball, LUCHFORD APM
Catherine Llewellyn, AECOM
Ellie Perham-Marchant, FTI Consulting


Holistic Group
Liz Male Consulting
Ridgemount PR


Goodfellow Communications
London Communications Agency
Ridgemount PR


Holistic Group
Liz Male Consulting


Colliers International

Alex Catto Remembered

Alex Catto, an appreciation

by Graham Ridout, former investigative journalist on Contract Journal and Building magazine

Alex Catto, a long-standing editor of Contract Journal and one of the most influential journalists of the 1980s was laid to rest on 8 May, aged 78. He presided over Contract Journal during the halcyon days of construction and property journalism when eight weekly news titles vied competitively against one another and a further 20 or so monthly and less frequent titles doing battle for readers and advertisers.

Both Alex’s father and grandfather were journalists and he followed in their footsteps and was fiercely protective over maintaining editorial and ethical standards. Of Highland stock, his height and girth made him a formidable figure. This coupled with a perceptive grasp of detail and, at times, a caustic way of expressing an opinion if he thought somebody was being economical with the truth.

As an editor, he was steadfastly loyal and highly supportive of his staff. And at the end of the day, he enjoyed nothing more than having a drink with colleagues and chatting about all things under the sun, but especially his beloved Crystal Palace football club.

During his tenure, CJ pioneered a series of tests during which major manufacturers’ earthmoving machines were pitched against one-another in various performance tests. At the time, it was a risky strategy as the manufacturers were major advertisers and a poor showing could be costly in advertising revenue to the journal. However, Alex’s dedication to accurate, objective reporting ensured no manufacturer had grounds for complaint.

Honorary IBP Vice President Peter Bill (President 1992-96 and 1998-2000) entered journalism under Alex’s reign at CJ. He recalls: “I can see him now at his desk half hidden behind toppling stacks of paper. Sat there like a benign owl, dispensing wisecracks, anecdotes and occasional shafts of wisdom. He enjoyed holding court at news meetings. He radiated bonhomie, but was capable of withering sarcasm, but delivered from a good heart.” After leaving CJ, Alex settled in Hastings with wife Shona and pursued a freelance career editing several environmental magazines.

Contract Journal ‘s proud 130-year history ended in 2009 when publisher Reed Business Press closed the magazine. The economic fall-out of 2008 and a seismic shift in the way projects were procured proved fatal. CJ made its name by employing a handful of dedicated employees whose job was to garner information about the major contracts that were about to be let or had recently been awarded. This provided valuable information to suppliers and subcontractors about possible work opportunities. European Union legislation requiring contacts over a specified value to be advertised the European Journal, the entry of a number of specialised information providers, and growing power of the internet provided the coup de gras.

IBP Communication and PR Awards 2018: Key Dates

Plans are under way for this year’s Communication and PR Awards, as you may already be aware the main judging takes place online, with shortlisted entrants being invited to an interview session with the category judges.

In addition to the usual IBP Alerts there will also be a social media campaign and annocements via Gorkana, CIPR and the PRCA..

Key dates for your diary:

  • Call for Entries: Monday 23rd February
  • Entries submitted by: Friday 23rd March
  • Online judging: commences: Wednesday 10th April
  • Online judging completed: Monday 23rd April
  • Interviews will take place on: Wednesday 16th Thursday 17th, and Friday 18th at The Building Centre between 08.30am – 12.30pm
  • Award Presentations Party: Wednesday 4th July, 18.30 hours at All Bar One, Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7DE.

Should you require any additional information please contact Gerald Bowey on 0771 348 9390 or email: gerald@geraldbowey.co.uk

IBP Journalism Awards 2017: Nominations

The following nominations have been made in the IBP Annual National Journalism Awards for 2017. Please note the nominations are listed alphabetically and the winner in each category will be announced at the Annual Journalism Awards dinner at the Four Seasons hotel on Thursday 30th November.

Manon Mollard, The Architectural Review
Hugh Pearman, RIBA Journal
Isabelle Priest, RIBA Journal

James Kenny, Construction Manager
Jack Simpson, Construction News
Katherine Smale, New Civil Engineer

NEWS REPORTER OF THE YEAR (Sponsored by Four Communications)
Pete Apps, Inside Housing
Sophie Barnes, Inside Housing
Richard Waite, The Architects’ Journal

FEATURE WRITER OF THE YEAR (Sponsored by Colliers International)
Daniel Kemp, Construction News
Isabelle Priest, RIBA Journal
Amber Rolt, Estates Gazette

Pete Apps, Inside Housing
Joanna Bourke, London Evening Standard
Guy Montague-Jones, Property Week

Pete Apps, Inside Housing
Sophie Barnes, Inside Housing
Gavriel Hollander, Inside Housing

MULTI-MEDIA JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR  (Sponsored by Media Contacts)
Simon Aldous, The Architects’ Journal
Marcus Fairs, Dezeen
Martin Hilditch, Inside Housing

‘NEW’ JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR  (Sponsored by The Built Environment Trust)
Lucy Alderson, Construction News
Nathaniel Barker, Inside Housing
Luke Barratt, Inside Housing

MAGAZINE (WEEKLY) OF THE YEAR  (Sponsored by Marley Eternit)
Construction News
Inside Housing
Property Week

MAGAZINE (NON WEEKLY) OF THE YEAR  (Sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Architects)
Construction Manager
New London Quarterly
Planning in London

DIGITAL SERVICE  (sponsored by IBP)
The Architects’ Journal
The B1M

SCOOP OF THE YEAR (Sponsored by FTI Consulting)
Pete Apps, Inside Housing
Mark Hansford, New Civil Engineer
Jack Simpson, Construction News

Will be announced from the winners of the individual categories

National Journalism Awards 2017 – Sponsors Announced

Architecture Writer

Host/Sponsor: BDP

Construction/Infrastructure Writer

Host/Sponsor: Willmott Dixon

News Reporter

Host/Sponsor: Four Communications

Feature Writer

Host/Sponsor: Colliers International

Business/Financial Journalist

Host/Sponsor: AECOM

Housing/Residential Journalist

Host/Sponsor: IBP

Multi-Media Journalist

Host/Sponsor: Media Contacts

‘New’ Journalist

Host/Sponsor: The Built Environment Trust

Magazine of the Year (Weekly)

Host/Sponsor: Marley Eternit

Magazine of the Year (Non-Weekly)

Host/Sponsor: The Chartered Architects’ Company

Digital Service

Host/Sponsor: IBP

Scoop of the Year

Host/Sponsor: FTI Consulting

IBP Journalist of the Year

Host/Sponsor: AECOM

Judges Confirmed for the ibp Journalism Awards

Adrian Barrick
Global Brand Manager, Haymarket Media, former editor, Building

Giles Barrie
Managing Director, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting, former editor, Property Week

Peter Bill
Freelance Journalist, former editor, Estates Gazette. PPA 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Lewis Blackwell
Executive Director, The Built Environment Trust

Mark Collins
Executive Director, CBRE

Tim Danton
Director, Danton Media, Consultant to Dennis Publishing

Michael Day
Managing Director, Integra Property Services

Peter Day
Correspondent, BBC ‘In Business’ programme

George Demetri
Technical Writer, WSP, former editor World Tunnelling

Soraya Khan
Partner, Theis and Khan Architects

David Lawson
Freelance Journalist

Mike Leonard
CEO, Building Alliance

Lee Mallet
Consultant, Urbik Limited, former editor Estates Times and Building Design

Dominic Morgan
Director, Ing media, former deputy editor Property Week

Richard Northedge
City & Business Journalist, former deputy city editor, Sunday Telegraph and deputy editor, Sunday Business

Stuart Piercy
Piercy Company, Architects

Alasdair Reisner
Chief Executive, CECA, former journalist, Construction News

Peter Roper
Freelance Journalist

Dickon Ross
Editor-in-Chief, Engineering & Technology

Barbara Rowlands
Associate Professor of Journalism, City University

David Saffin
Consulting Engineer, CEO, Second Opinion Alliance

Ruth Slavid
Architecture Journalist, former editor AJ Online

John Slaughter
Director, External Affairs, HBF

Caroline Thorpe
Freelance Journalist

John Yadoo
Partner, Pryme Consulting

John Waples
UK Head of Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting, former business editor, Sunday Times

James Whitmore
Tavistock, former executive editor, Property Week


The list is correct at July 2017









Executive Board Report 2016/17

In a year in which the UK has faced unprecedented political turmoil and considerable uncertainty, the role of journalism has arguably been even more important than usual.

For the specialist press covering the built environment, this has heightened the need to help readers navigate the shifting political sands and business consequences. PR and communications professionals in the field have needed strong networks, relationships and adaptability.

In this context, the IBP’s role in bringing people together, fostering members’ careers and facilitating debate are of great value.

The past 12 months saw the most successful IBP PR and Communication Awards – the largest to date, and with an inspiring set of winners. Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party, spoke passionately about the need for greater equality and called on journalists and PR professionals to do more to raise its importance.

The IBP Journalism Awards, too, highlighted the best of the sector, as judged by a panel of highly respected journalists and industry experts. With a second-time lucky speech from former City planner Peter Rees Wynne (after he didn’t make it the previous year), the awards were an excellent way to finish the year.

The Futures Group, which puts on forward-looking events for IBP members to network and discuss the future of journalism and communications, was rebooted this year. The programme included a fascinating debate on political reporting in the age of ‘fake news’ featuring leading journalists from the FT and Buzzfeed UK, a valuable behind-the-scenes look at digital journalism at the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal and an excellent panel on investigative journalism.

As the economic and political uncertainty continues, the IBP strives to put on events that members will find beneficial and bring people together to debate and share ideas. We always want to hear from members about what they would like IBP to provide.

I thank warmly all board members for giving their valuable time to attend meetings and discuss the IBP’s present activities and future direction.

I also thank members for entering the IBP Journalism Awards and the PR and Communication Awards and look forward to seeing you at our next events.