How to Market Yourself Effectively

Attractive jobs naturally generate a large number of applicants and employers have to make quick decisions, with limited information, as to who they will want to interview. To secure your ideal job, you need to understand how to best present yourself to a potential employer. Here are some tried and tested methods of communicating why you are a perfect candidate for your chosen role.

  • Write an attractive CV

Tailor your CV to each job you apply for. This will enable you to demonstrate to an employer that you understand the demands of a job due to your experience. Do not send out generic CVs. When thinking about a CV layout, keep things simple, as a potential employer needs something easy to read. Make sure you include your achievements – we see a lot of CVs outlining what someone does, but not whether they are actually any good at it!

  • Be confident

Oozing confidence shows potential employers that you believe in yourself and your abilities, reflecting that they can believe in you too.

  • Highlight career goals

Having set goals highlights that you are looking to constantly progress, are organised and ambitious.

  • Show some personality

Demonstrate your personal passions to show how well-rounded you are as an individual. Be prepared to talk about what you are reading at the moment, and what your interests are.

  • Be active on social media

Social media is powerful if used in the right way, keep your social profiles up to date and professional. LinkedIn/Facebook groups are handy to join as you can meet industry professionals, develop professional relationships and get yourself recognised.

  • Use the right terminology

Using the correct terminology will demonstrate to potential employers that you are knowledgeable about your industry.

  • Do your Research

Be prepared to explain to an employer exactly why you are interested in working for them. Talk about their product or service offering, successes they have had and their vision. Many companies will have this information in their “About Us” or “Careers” section of their web site. Also be ready to talk about the industry you work in – what are the trends and latest news?

  • Look the Part

Make sure you are smartly presented and in tune with the culture and dress code of the company. A firm handshake and good eye contact are also important. Avoid smelling of smoke, food etc


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