Interview Preparation Tips


Interviews often make people feel a lot of undue pressure to ensure they get everything “right”. To boost your confidence and give the very best of yourself, remember to prepare and practice. Have a read of the tips below and make sure you incorporate them into your next interview presentation.


  • Consider the duration of the journey to interview

Ensure that you have a main route planned and a backup in case of any travel disruptions.

  • Dress in the appropriate attire

Whether you must dress formally or smart casual, wearing the required attire will make a good impression to the employer as well as making you feel more relaxed, producing confidence within the interview

  • Research

Conduct some research and understand the required skills and ambitions of the company, compare them to your own and see how you can mention these in your interview.

  • Prepare questions to ask

Prepare questions to ask your employer to show your interest in the role and the employer. Although they are interviewing you this also a chance to discuss with the employer and ask them questions to find out more information regarding the role/company.

  • Prepare answers to general questions

Prepare answers to common interview questions that you may be asked, allowing yourself to have something basic prepared, which you can then expand on with further, directly relevant detail. Sample interview questions can be found at:

  • Arrive preferably 5 minutes early

Being on time sets a good example to the employer as it highlights that you are punctual. Giving yourself time to calm your nerves and read over some notes to prepare for the interview. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early though, as you may inconvenience the employer.

Key points for the interview:

  • Give a firm handshake
  • Have good posture
  • Speak about the company background (history, staff, company values and goals)
  • Smile and have positive facial expressions
  • Keep eye contact
  • Have confidence in your answers
  • Mention key articles or blogs that relate to the industry