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The IBP Digital Service Award was launched eleven years ago to complement the Annual National [Print] Journalism Awards, which were established in 1973, to encourage and reward excellence in journalism in the sectors of construction, building, property and architecture.

The Digital Service category [defined as a digital platform that delivers news content] was introduced to recognise and reward high standards of writing and design for the web together with the key drivers, usability and accessibility. This category is the equivalent of the Magazine of the Year Award in the print categories.

The Multi-Media Journalist category, launched in 2010, focuses on individual contributions that show skills in a variety of fields, including writing content for digital platforms, writing for print, filming, podcasting and use of social networks.



Journalism for the Web – Directness, newsworthiness, simplicity, conciseness, appropriate content for audience, quality of video journalism, use of headings and sub-headings and paragraph length.

Design for the Web – Visual appeal, visual clarity, relation between text and images, use of images and video, quality of repurposing.

Technical Construction – Speed of loading, cross-browser compatibility, quality of mobile/tablet applications, ease of log-in, universal accessibility.

Accessibility and innovation – Use of links, relationships to blogs, encouragement to tweet, use of twitter feed (e.g. retweets from magazines appearing on home page), one-off products such as special ipad apps, clarity of which content is free and which has to be paid for, ease of commenting, quality of live forums, innovative use of web.



Originality – individual voice; angle to story appropriate for the market; use of direct quotes. (NB: It is very hard to judge if an entry is a breaking story or has the journalist’s own mark on it. Entrants have been asked to include explanatory notes with their entry, please see a copy of the Condition of Entry attached).

 Immediacy – live reports from an event; following a story as it breaks; regular updates; excitement.

 Appropriateness – writing/broadcasting in a manner appropriate to the medium; multiple presentations in appropriate form; appropriate selection of delivery method. (NB: is the story presented in the right way for its medium?).

 Good Journalism – general good writing/strong first lines/searching questions (on video) /readability or watchability. NB: in whatever medium, this should be well written or presented (in the case of video).

 Cross pollination – Use of one medium to promote a story that has appeared in another to promote the story or take it forward.


Conditions of Entry


The Awards are open to Digital Service and Multi-Media Journalists serving the built environment sector.


Closing date for entries: 4.00pm Monday 17 September 2018
Queries regarding entries: Gerald Bowey

IBP Services

Tel: 0208 127 1857 Mobile: 0771 348 9390


The Awards ceremony and dinner takes place on Thursday 29 November 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London W1J 7DR.
Awards Presented by: TBA
Hosted by: Peter Murray, Chairman, NLA


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO NEXT – Digital Service Category


The editor of the Digital Service should prepare a statement, of no more than 400 words, in which he/she should clearly outline the following:

  • When the digital service was launched in its current format.
  • Mission statement.
  • How it relates to and/or interacts with a hard copy magazine/newspaper (if applicable, the digital content platform does NOT have to support a business-to-business title) which parts of the digital service are eligible for the award (i.e. which contain journalism).
  • How has the digital service substantially covered the market sector during the twelve-month period, year ending 31 August 2018.
  • Each website entry should consist of three examples of work, a completed online entry form and an editorial statement, and choice of payment method (see entry form for details).
  • All business-to-business digital services entered must relate to the architectural, construction, building and/or property industries.
  • If the entry is a subscription service please include an access code for the judges to view your site, specifically between 19 September and 11 October.
  • If you are highlighting links to specific stories, please give these in short forms (such as


WHAT YOU SHOULD DO NEXT – Multi-Media Journalist Category

Journalists working across a range of media platform should prepare a statement, of no more than 400 words in which he/she should clearly outline the following:

  • At least two areas where they are active such as: print writing; web writing; blogging; twitter; video; broadcast and other social media.
  • Identify three pieces of work in the year ending 31 August 2018 on which you will be judged.
  • Show exceptionally imaginative/appropriate use of a range of media to communicate/promote a story covering the period ending 31 August 2018.
  • A single story which appears in more than one medium counts as a single piece of work.
  • Include example(s) of print work – if relevant.
  • Give detailed URLs of where to find online work. Please present these in short form (such as Please ensure that none of the stories you are entering into the award category have been archived.
  • Show the relevance to its audience and appropriateness to the media platform used.
  • If the entry involves access to a subscription website please include an access code for the judges to view examples of your work/entry, specifically between 19 September and 11 October.
  • Note: If the judges have unreasonable problems accessing/finding your entries you may be disqualified.


The content is correct at the time of circulation and could be subject to change

July 18 2018